Ntsele e-Commerce provides a device and bank agnostic payment processing service which offers multiple payment streams and payment interfaces to suit individual customer requirements. This single point of payment management, with multiple payment points, is supplemented by an integrated Virtual account platform and other value-added services.

Ntsele e-Commerce provides a card and electronic transaction processing service for businesses and learning institutions using a mix of mobile, internet and mobile POS devices integrated into a single management platform.

The mobile, virtual and bricks-and-mortar card payment needs of an organisation are addressed simply and seamlessly through multiple channels. Channels and users are managed centrally in the cloud, and  provide a wide range  transactional and settlement reconciliation related information.

The Ntsele e-Commerce solution plays right across the payments and value-added landscape, freeing providers from their traditionally polarised service silos  РNtsele e-Commerce covers the full spectrum.



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